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Support For Jethro Morrow

It was never imagined that Jethro Morrow would be fighting for his life before his first birthday. Please help us raise $500,000 per year so Jethro can live a long and healthy life. Team RCK are right behind Jethro and their family - so can you. Donate and help now at www.supportjethro.co.nz.

Community Involvement

The RCK team are heavily involved in a wide range of community events and projects including 'The Big Night In' and Cancer Society 'Relay For Life' as well as providing decorated trucks for Henderson Christmas Parade. 

The company also sponsors a national rally team 'RCK Rallying and Motocross'.

Enviromentally Friendly

RCK takes a genuine approach to the environment, focusing on sustainable construction and civil engineering practices, which make a real difference to your project - and our planet.